Dehydrogenation Furnace

Dehydrogenation Furnace
The main features of vacuum hydrogenation dehydrogenation furnace are: safe and reliable, precise control of the process, a powerful tracking memory function, advanced structure
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Dehydrogenation Furnace


With the sintering of NdFeB permanent magnet material preparation technology with the ever-changing development of the traditional mechanical crushing and milling process has not adapted to the needs of this technological progress. Replaced by a hydrogenation dehydrogenation process. The remarkable characteristics of this hydrogenation dehydrogenation process are: easy to obtain single crystal NdFeB powder particles; can effectively prevent the process of oxidation; high crushing efficiency, which has been widely used and attention, my company's vacuum hydrogenation off Hydrogen furnace is designed specifically for this new type of milling process design and development, the main features of the device are:

  Safe and reliable: the use of graphite carbon layer inside the furnace as a protective lining wall, which can effectively prevent the steel components and hydrogen reaction lead to hydrogen embrittlement; In addition, the entire control system with automatic safety interlock function; all gas pipeline using professional import double Safety and safety valve design; all possible with the hydrogen in direct contact with the instrument and sensors are designed with isolation valve device; with furnace tracking control and furnace sampling control of the control system, with a sound alarm function and protection against explosion.

  Process control point accuracy: According to the special process of the control program and the import of programmable logic controller (PLC) and import intelligent temperature controller, to achieve temperature, temperature, cooling automatic control function; with PID parameters automatic operation and power-down protection Function, all actions are used interlock protection.

  Powerful tracking memory function: a variety of process curves with the function, can store a number of different process curves; specific lifting temperature and speed adjustable and accurate clock recording function, you can also display the actual temperature and set the temperature and other parameters; Equipped with multi-channel recorder, can record all the process pressure, temperature and other process curves, easy process analysis, quality control art and production management.

  Advanced structure: high integrated vacuum system, which can effectively reduce the equipment area; internal circulation, internal cooling, closed heating, open cooling structure design, can fully meet the rapid heating, rapid cooling process requirements.

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