Annealing furnace actual application

    In the actual production of the annealing furnace, the rotation speed of the furnace roller in the continuous annealing furnace is more than 200mlmin. When the furnace roller rotates for a long time, the circumferential and radial temperature differences of the furnace roller can be ignored. Only the thermal deformation of the roller caused by the uneven temperature distribution of the roller body can be considered. The axisymmetric model was used to calculate the thermal deformation of the furnace roll. The initial roll shape of the hearth roll was a single taper roll, as shown by its shape.

    In the heating section and the rapid cooling section of the annealing furnace, the temperature difference between the furnace and the furnace temperature is large, and the heat deformation of the furnace roll is obvious. Therefore, the heating roller and the fast cooling section of the furnace roller and key are selected as the research object. According to the on-site process regulations, the furnace temperature in the heating section is 820°C, the tension is 7kN, the temperature in the fast cooling section is 400°C, and the tension is 11kN.

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