Annealing furnace drive part and sealing

     Annealing furnace annealing requirements, so the temperature control device selection is very important. This largely determines the annealing furnace work is good, then we will brief you on the annealing furnace transmission part and sealing. Annealing furnace drive part: annealing furnace drive motor, reducer driven by the front end of a group of driving wheel drive. Furnace door drive is the use of worm reducer and motor combination of electric lift.

     Annealing Furnace Sealing: annealing furnace and furnace sealed with a labyrinth-style structure, and in the trolley side automatic sand sealing knife seal. Furnace door seal with roller-type compression and spring pressure automatic seal The furnace body part of the high-quality refractory brick structure to ensure that the furnace seal. Pressure parts in the trolley using high-alumina brick masonry, the lower part of the thermal insulation brick insulation.

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