Annealing furnace incomplete annealing application

     Annealing furnace is divided into complete annealing furnace and incomplete annealing furnace. Today we will introduce the application range of incomplete annealing of annealing furnace. Incomplete annealing can be used for hypoeutectoid steels as well as over-alloyed steels. It is characterized by the pearlite cementite ball after annealing, this endless annealing is also called spheroidal annealing.

     For industrial processing, incomplete annealing is often due to the following conditions: to improve the cutting performance, this type of annealing is mainly applied to forged structural parts, especially structural parts with high carbon content, due to excessive pearlite after forging, hardness Hard to cut. Ball retreat to improve cold deformation performance. This type of annealing is used in industrial processing products that require cold deformation.

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