Annealing furnace internal structure

    Hangzhou Hangshen Energy-Saving Furnace Co.,Ltd. mainly produces large-scale heat treatment equipment such as quenching furnaces, annealing furnaces, aluminum wire aging furnaces, etc. Next, we will introduce the internal structure of the most widely used annealing furnace in our factory.

       The interior of the annealing furnace has heating elements. The electric heating element adopts Shougang's resistance wire, which is placed on the rest bricks around the furnace in three zones. The installation and maintenance are very convenient. Furnace inside the annealing furnace is made of aluminized steel plate rolled and welded, with a thickness of 14mm. The aluminized tank has a sealing knife and is sealed with fine river sand.

    The furnace lid of the furnace is made of 25mm carbon steel. Annealing Furnace Control System The annealing furnace uses a temperature-controlled thermocouple to control the temperature. The temperature controller can be controlled according to the set temperature, and can display the theoretical and measured values. The temperature control system also has an ultra-temperature sound and light alarm function.

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