Annealing furnace is a kind of metal heat treatment furnace

    Annealing furnace is a metal heat treatment furnace, refers to the metal on a different annealing furnace slowly heated to a certain temperature, holding for a period of time and then cooled to a suitable temperature, so that the workpiece or material softening, reducing hardness to improve plasticity and toughness , So that the chemical composition of the uniform, to achieve the desired physical properties.

    Simple process: the metal slowly heated to a certain temperature, to maintain sufficient time, and then cooled at a suitable speed

   Annealing furnace features´╝Ü

   1. Reliable sealing In addition to inheriting the traditional annealing furnace dense structure, the advantages of convenient operation, there are sealed and reliable features, the overall casting, seamless furnace.

   2. Safety and stability Each burner with a separate complete combustion controller, with automatic ignition, flame detection, fire alarm automatically shut off. This fully guarantees the combustion temperature control system stability, safety.

    3. High efficiency and energy saving User feedback to the furnace with high utilization of materials, loading and unloading a large number of annealed parts, and significant energy savings.

    4. Ruggedized The annealing furnace is made of ultra-high strength non-stick aluminum casting material, which can increase the overall strength, wear resistance and thermal shock resistance, which greatly prolongs the service life of the furnace.

    5 wide range of uses In addition to reducing the hardness of the furnace, softening the workpiece, but also can refine the grain, improve the mechanical properties of the workpiece to reduce the workpiece deformation, cracking or crack tilt.

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