Annealing furnace performance characteristics in heat treatment equipment

     Annealing and quenching furnaces are the most widely used in heat treatment equipment. The annealing furnace is used for the annealing of hydrogen storage alloy products. It is an important process in the production of hydrogen storage alloys and has a great influence on the product performance. Therefore, when using an annealing furnace, the performance of the annealing furnace is very important. Hydrogen storage alloys require better furnace temperature uniformity for annealing and should be annealed under gas protection.

     Annealing furnace performance characteristics: through the thermocouple to detect the furnace temperature, the furnace temperature signal is sent to the temperature control table, the temperature control table will set value and the current value of the furnace for comparison operation, and then the output signal to the thyristor, By controlling the thyristor trigger phase angle to control the output voltage, a constant temperature control of the pit annealing furnace is achieved. Because annealing furnace hydrogen storage alloys require high annealing, the choice of temperature control devices is very important.

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