Annealing furnace waste heat can be used

    When we use the annealing furnace, there will inevitably be excess heat. In fact, we can use the waste heat for other tasks, so as to ensure that no resources will be wasted. When we use the waste heat, we will classify the waste heat and work at different levels of waste heat Is not the same, then we will brief you for a brief introduction.

    Annealing furnace level 1 waste heat utilization, that is, the preheating section of the strip at the beginning of the stage from the flue gas generated from the direct combustion section of the flue gas to obtain energy, waste flue gas in the form of natural heat of the furnace cold band steel heating.

    Annealing furnace 2 waste heat utilization, that is, in the preheating stage from the exit 10m position, install 2 air injection, the location of the strip temperature 275C under normal production conditions. The flue gas generated by the direct-fired section in normal production is above the auto-ignition temperature (760 ℃). During the entire preheating period, the air sprayed on the mantel is mixed with reducing flue gas (including the unburned fuel in the direct firing section) and burned to heat the strip.

    Annealing furnace level 3 waste heat utilization, that is, under normal operation, leaving the preheating section of flue gas combustion temperature is still high (800 ℃), so the flue gas outlet design a convection heat exchanger, the use of waste flue gas Waste heat preheats combustion-supporting air in direct-fired section to improve heat utilization.

    Annealing furnace level 4 waste heat utilization, that is, the direct-fired section of the strip is directly heated by gas combustion, heat transfer, convection, radiation there are three kinds of heating methods so the direct combustion section has a high thermal efficiency. In the radiant tube heating section, the indirect heating method is used so that the shielding gas is not polluted. Therefore, the gas is burned in a special Ni-Cr alloy tube, the alloy tube is heated by the gas and the heat is radiated to the strip, which The kind of way is an indirect heating method, thermal efficiency is lower.

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