Annealing furnaces that are fully annealed and incompletely annealed

    There are two kinds of annealing furnaces, one is fully annealed and the other is not fully annealed. Incomplete annealing is also called incomplete crystallization annealing. It is a certain temperature between the steel heating channels, slowly cooled after the insulation, so that the steel structure incomplete recrystallization.

     Incomplete annealing is to heat the workpiece to half austenitization for annealing, while full annealing is to heat the workpiece to full austenitization for annealing.

     Incomplete annealing of the annealing furnace is generally used for hypereutectoid steels, and subeutectoid steels may also be used, while full annealing is generally used only for hypoeutectoid steels.

     Annealing of the annealing furnace generally yields platy pearlite without complete annealing to obtain spherical pearlite.

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