Biomass boiler types

The first category: small-scale biomass heat boilers. Such boiler or gasification of biomass solidified fuel, hot water in the form of heat, which has the advantage of small size, simple structure, low price; the disadvantage is that energy loss, fuel consumption, low heat supply, Users can not meet the large demand for energy, the kind of boiler supply target for the single-family rural households for heating and domestic hot water.

The second category: Medium biomass heat boilers. The main use of such curable biomass boiler fuel, hot water or steam. Its advantage is relatively mature technology, energy loss is small, strong energy supply capacity; drawback is part of the boiler fuel coke, supporting the design unreasonable. Shandong Hill biomass energy company's "Spiral wind wing burner technology" a good solution to medium-sized combustion of biomass boilers without adequate coking and so on.

The third category: a large biomass heat boilers. Such boiler and no actual product, mainly because existing technology is not perfect, and for national policies biomass substitution of coal is not perfect, so just stay in concept. It emphasized that a centralized management, centralized control of heat engineering, boiler only as one of the devices to ensure the normal operation of the entire biomass energy projects, therefore, it fuels, combustion technology, supporting technology, the relevant policy requirements high.