Brief description of annealing furnace annealing

      Below we will briefly introduce annealing furnace annealing work. The common mechanical oil in the annealing furnace does not cool quickly and can be used for steels with good hardenability.

      The special quick quenching oil for the annealing furnace has much lower quenching speed than the tap water,  but much higher than the common mechanical oil. It is suitable for quenching cooling of most alloy structural steels, carbon tool steels and small-sized carbon structural steel parts. . However, the quenching oil is flammable and is not suitable for the use of spray quenching. It is usually used only for high temperature and medium frequency heating and immersion quenching cooling.

      At the same time, the quenching cooling medium should have a faster cooling rate in order to obtain a deeper quench hardened layer during operation of the annealing furnace. Even the quenching oils with the fastest cooling rates in modern times do not meet the cooling rate requirements of many induction heating quenching parts when they are quenched. In addition, the annealing furnace will also have flue gas when it is leached and quenched in the oil, and the quenched workpiece needs to be cleaned.

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