Do not let the gas boiler to become the school's "hidden"

Do not let the gas boiler to become the school's "hidden"! So how do you avoid it? Gas boiler overhaul, teachers and students can be more secure.

First, strengthen inspection and improve the safety performance of the gas boiler equipment. The gas boiler manhole, hand hole leaks, leaks, auxiliary equipment operation, safety accessories regularly check whether gas boiler room safe passage, gas boiler boiler whether aspects of regular inspections carried out a detailed examination, improve the device's own security.

The second is to implement the rules and regulations. Schools focus on checking with the development and implementation of job safety responsibility system in the case of a gas boiler, gas boiler room set up various systems implementation, operations personnel certificates, to ensure the safe operation of the gas boiler from the system.

The third is to strengthen the teachers and students of special equipment safety education and training, to further improve the safety awareness of teachers and students. Urge school boiler special equipment safety knowledge into the content and school