Gas boiler improve air superiority environment

Currently the northern city of severe haze days, in most cases are "dark", threaten our health. The coal-fired boilers are polluting the air after the dust of the second big culprit, so finding alternatives to coal-fired boiler - gas boiler use is also imminent.

From the economic point of view to use the analysis of boiler operation, the general use of more than five years have been small and medium sized coal-fired boilers burning gas does not have to change the value. Many of our cities in a few years ago began to control the construction of small and medium sized coal-fired boiler, the boiler was included in the scope of demolition basically a longer useful life or furnace already out of the product. Through the thermal efficiency of the boiler to detect and assess the remaining useful life, and a new gas-fired boiler on the economy can be seen in comparison, simply by replacing the burner way to change the method of burning gas boiler already it is not desirable a.