Gas boiler thermal conductivity affect the transfer of heat

Gas boiler heat transfer process is very complex, but the basic heat transfer is conduction, convection and radiation. If the object to conductively transfer heat, which heat transfer to the body on both sides of the heat conduction is proportional to temperature and inversely proportional to the temperature of the object. Thermal conductivity means that each part of the body temperature is not the same, the heat transfer from the hot object to the cold object of the process. Rely on thermal motion of microscopic particles in the body to transfer heat.

Gas boiler thermal conductivity reflects the ability of material to conduct heat. Under defined conditions the temperature difference, the thermal conductivity and thermal resistance is inversely proportional to heat flow, the greater the resistance, thermal heat smaller. Thus, reducing the thermal resistance can increase heat transfer. Different materials is the heat capacity, the same material under different conditions, the heat capacity may vary.

Good conductor of heat capacity gas boiler material called thermal winds, such as: Yellow Gold iron and aluminum. Gas hot water boiler thermal systems engineering calculation generally used by the experiments, the thermal conductivity of the material is not easy to be called thermal or thermal insulation materials, such as: asbestos, perlite and foam plastics. In the thermal properties of the literature and a number of manuals can check the thermal conductivity of the material taken off.