Quenching furnace working principle

     Quenching furnace with direct or indirect heat source, the medium and high temperature can be used for continuous processing of bulk materials to ensure that the process of heat and product isolation. In industrial production (such as catalyst production, hydrocarbon processing, chemical production), calciner insulation is important, and has great value. Calcination is generally used to process very small materials. It also deals with potentially contaminated materials for oxidation, combustion, explosions, and heat-sensitive materials. Often calcined furnaces are specialty products, including sealed hopper feeding systems or Pressure tank truck can be Zhang-dust ring, special processing gas, dust collection system.

     Each calciner is designed to meet specific needs and unique specifications. It can be powered by electricity or natural gas. There are hot zones in the furnace and independent control zones. The cooler allows the product to cool before it is baked.

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