Several Annealing Coolers After High-frequency Heating

     Here we will introduce the quenching and cooling of the annealing furnace after high-frequency heating.

    Quenching of the annealing furnace after high-frequency heating is usually performed in three ways. One is spray quenching, the other is immersed liquid quenching after heating, and the third is oil immersion quenching. The annealing and quenching of the annealing furnace is the most widely used, both for continuous surface heating quenching and for simultaneous quenching. Annealing furnace oil heating quenching is used for continuous quenching of alloy structural steel parts with good hardenability.

     Regardless of the quenching method used, the quenching media used should meet the following requirements: To achieve the required quenched hardness and hardened layer depth, no quenching and no out of tolerance quenching deformation; safe, clean The cooling characteristics of the medium are stable so as to obtain long-term stable quenching effect.

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