Structural characteristics of strip annealing furnace

    The strip annealing furnace uses 75% hydrogen + 25% nitrogen as the shielding gas. Run through the Central Operating System (COS). In addition to loading and unloading, moving the inner cover, and heating and cooling covers, the entire process equipment is automatically controlled.

    Furnace shell is welded steel plate, reinforced with steel, and connected with the top, easy to use crane lifting. The lower part of the heating cover is a fire-resistant and heat-insulating material and a molded fiber module, and the upper part is a felt layer. A sealing frame surrounds the bottom edge of the heating cover to seal the heating chamber.

    The heating hood combustion system includes several high-speed burners arranged along the circumference of the heating hood. The burners are automatically monitored by the furnace PLC process ignition system. The flame detector uses a UV sensor head. Each burner failure and flame error are recorded separately. If necessary, one burner can be manually disconnected and one less burner annealing process is continued. There are two monitoring loop protections for the heating process: one is monitored by the PLC; the other is performed by a separate temperature monitor.

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