The role of annealing furnace and working principle

     Annealing furnace is the role of the workpiece heated to a predetermined temperature, heat a certain amount of time after the slow cooling of the metal heat treatment process. Specific effects are as follows:

    1. To improve or eliminate the steel casting, forging, rolling and welding process caused by a variety of organizational defects and residual stress, to prevent deformation of the workpiece, cracking.

    2. soften the workpiece for cutting.

    3. Grain refinement, improve the organization to improve the mechanical properties of the workpiece.

    4. Prepare for the final heat treatment (quenching, tempering).

    Annealing furnace working principle:

    Through the circulation of the fan, the temperature in the furnace chamber of the annealing furnace is evenly distributed. The two furnace chambers of the annealing furnace can operate independently and improve the annealing efficiency. There are two turbines in each furnace chamber, but no air filtration device , Different from the actual situation. Through the fan circulation so that the furnace temperature distribution, heat treatment of the microstructure of the reorganized film material to improve the stability and conversion efficiency. The casting is heated to about 950 ℃, insulation for a certain period of time after the appropriate cooling, to eliminate the internal stress of steel castings and welded parts. For steel products after the start of the formation of austenite temperature below 100 ~ 200 ℃, after cooling in the air after cooling, you can eliminate the stress.

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