The use of annealing furnaces for industrial production

     Because the annealing furnace is widely used in our industrial production, today we will introduce the annealing furnace in industrial production.

    The use of annealing furnace: temperature recording using a temperature recorder, recording furnace temperature. Furnace temperature measurement compensation wire is connected to the furnace thermocouple by the instrument cabinet and provided by the supplier. The control execution system uses a high-power thyristor zero-crossing trigger system with a radiator and a complete air-cooling system. At the same time equipped with automatic air switch and fast fuse for secondary protection. Each group of electric heating elements set the on-off indication of the ammeter, voltmeter and electric heating element, and has electric interlock protection and safety grounding measures. Annealing furnaces are widely used in industrial production because they have a wide range of uses and are simple to operate.

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