Vacuum annealing furnace is mainly applicable to what aspects

    Vacuum annealing furnace is mainly applied to stainless steel deep drawing parts such as plumbing equipment, water expansion parts, pins, medical equipment, stainless steel nails, stainless steel wire, rivets, stainless steel bearings, case, strap, cutter, micro shaft, self-tapping Self-drilling, tableware and other stainless steel products under the maintenance of the atmosphere control continuous bright annealing, solid solution, demagnetization and quenching of stainless steel multi-purpose furnace.

    The vacuum annealing furnace skeleton is welded by various types of steel. The main beam is made of channel steel for super convective annealing annealing furnace. The cold plate is used for the hoarding, and the main beam, plate and front and rear end plates are used for the annealing furnace of the trolley. Use medium board.

    Vacuum Annealing Furnace transmission Some: The trolley drive selects the electric motor, the reducer passes the chain front end of a set of driving wheel drive. The furnace door transmission is a worm gear reducer straight ball annealing furnace motor combined electric lift.

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