What are the basic classifications of an annealing furnace

What are the basic classifications of an annealing furnace?

1.RT3 series trolley type resistance furnace is a national standard energy-saving cycle type operation furnace. It has super energy-saving structure, adopts fiber structure and saves electricity 30%. Exclusive production of composite high aluminum nails group, car anti-collision sealing brick, automatic sealing trolley and furnace door, integrated rail, without the basic installation, placed on the ground floor can be used. Mainly used for high chromium, high manganese steel castings, ductile iron, roller, steel ball, 45 steel, stainless steel quenching, annealing, aging, and various mechanical parts heat treatment.

Product features:

1, no noise, no environmental pollution.

2, small heat storage, less heat loss.

3, high temperature control accuracy, furnace temperature uniformity.

4, high degree of automation, simple operation.

5, PID programming can be used to set, fully automatic operation.

6, good sealing, long life, safe and reliable.

Widely used in chemical, petroleum, food, metallurgy, machinery, light industry, electricity, ships, paper, mining, medicine, central heating and other industrial sectors. With the development of social productive forces, its application in various industries is more and more widespread.

2. well type annealing furnace (for example: flange ring heat treatment furnace) purpose: the furnace is for metal parts, rings, etc., at the rated temperature for heat treatment

Equipment profile:

The furnace is composed of a furnace body, a movable furnace cover and a control system.

1. The shell of the furnace is welded by section steel and steel plate.

2, the furnace cover support adopts steel and guide rail combination mobile type.

3. The heating element is made of high resistance alloy 0Cr25Al5 produced by Beijing Shougang Group and arranged on the furnace side.

4, because the bottom bearing adopts high aluminum bricks, the circle center of the furnace set small, inside and outside heating.

5 、 furnace cover adopts hydraulic lifting, motor control, automatic walking.

6 、 temperature control system adopts PID SCR control, high accuracy.

3. box annealing furnace

Uses: mainly used for quenching, normalizing, annealing and other conventional heat treatment equipment for steel parts.


1. The utility model has the advantages of large loading capacity and high productivity, and is especially suitable for the heating and heating of small and medium-sized mechanical parts. The utility model has the advantages of energy saving up to 30%, uniform furnace temperature, intelligent digital display table PID, automatic control of furnace temperature, and high precision;

2 、 the electric furnace is convenient to carry material and has good operating conditions;

3. The sealing of the furnace door and furnace body is automatically sealed without manual sealing;

4 、 the electric stove is provided with chain protection device, which can prevent the malfunction and accident due to misoperation.

4. bell type annealing furnace

Bell type annealing furnace is mainly used in natural atmosphere for sheet annealing and normalizing of steel parts.

1, special steel, precision alloy

Description of large all fiber trolley type resistance furnace

Bright annealing of strip and wire.

2 、 annealing of special steel casting and forging.

3. Annealing of silicon steel sheet.

4, metal and non metal powder sintering pieces etc..

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