Winter had to pay attention to gas boiler maintenance tips

Boiler heating surface maintenance 1. Maintenance of boiler heating surface unused for long: there are two kinds of dry and wet. Shutdown more than a month, should be used to dry maintenance method, the following can be wet shutdown heart month regimen. ① dry Maintenance Method: Shutdown of the pot of water to put the interior completely remove the dirt, rinse. In the furnace with Weihuo drying (be careful not to use the fire), then the 10-30 mm lumps of quicklime sub-plate installed, placed in the drum, do not make contact with metal lime, quicklime weight to the drum calculate the volume of 8kg per cubic meter, and then all the manholes, hand holes, pipe valve closed, checked every three months, such as lime crumbled into powder, to be replaced immediately, the boiler re-run when the lime and the disc removed. ② wet maintenance of law: the boiler shutdown boiler water to be cooled to below 70 ℃ water exhausted the oven, the inside completely remove the dirt, rinse, all the manholes, hand holes, pipe valves and other closed tight, and with blind and the operation of the boiler is completely separated to do. And then re-injected into the soft water has been treated to the boiler minimum security level, then the prepared alkaline solution will be injected into the boiler, and its ingredients are: sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) per ton boiler water 8-10kg, if the choice of carbonate sodium (soda ash), the boiler water per ton of 20kg,