Function And Operation Protection Of Heat Treatment In Vacuum Annealing Furnace

(1) the majority of heating and heat insulation materials can only be used in vacuum heating and heat insulation of vacuum heat treatment furnace lining is operating in a vacuum and high temperature, so the data presented high temperature vacuum annealing furnace, vapor pressure, good radiation effect, small heat conduction coefficient request. The request for the oxidation of opposites is not high. Therefore, the vacuum annealing furnace has widely used tantalum, tungsten, molybdenum and bell type furnace price graphite as heating and heat insulation material. These data are very easy to oxidize in the atmosphere, so the conventional heat treatment furnace can not choose these heating and heat insulation data.

(2) the water cooling equipment, the shell of the vacuum heat treatment furnace, the cover of the furnace, the electric heating element, the all hydrogen bell annealing furnace, the conduction treatment (water cooled electrode), the central vacuum separation rush and other components are all operated in vacuum and heated state. In this extremely unfavorable condition, it is necessary to ensure that the structure of the components is not deformed and damaged, and the vacuum sealing ring is not overheated and not burned. Therefore, the components should be set up water cooling equipment according to different conditions to ensure that the vacuum heat treatment furnace can operate normally and have sufficient service life.

(3) choose low voltage and high current: in the vacuum container, if the air to air is in the range of a few IXIO-1 to a bracket, the conductor of the vacuum container will glow at a higher voltage. In the vacuum heat treatment furnace, the severe incident arc discharge, the burning of electric heating elements, heat insulation layer and so on, forming major accidents and loss. As a result, the operating voltage of the electric heating element in a vacuum heat treatment furnace is usually no more than 80 1 100 volts. A useful method should be adopted when designing the electric heating element. If we want to avoid the tip parts, the distance between electrodes should not be too narrow to avoid glow discharge or arc discharge.

(4) the degree of automation is high: the degree of automation of vacuum heat treatment furnace is relatively high, because the operation of heating and cooling of metal workpiece requires more than a dozen or even dozens of actions to end. These movements are carried out within the vacuum heat treatment furnace and the operators can not be approached. Together, some movements, such as heating and heat preservation, have six or six movements for the metal workpiece to be quenched and to be completed within 15 seconds. In such a quick condition to end a lot of action, it is very simple to form the operator's serious and constitute a misoperation. As a result, it is possible to coordinate the set of programs in a precise and timely manner as long as it is higher.

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