Gas-fired Boiler To Reduce Energy Consumption And Improve Thermal Efficiency Measures

As the name suggests the use of gas-fired boilers burning gaseous fuels, the device is relatively simple and easy to operate. But if the phenomenon of hypoxia occurs when burned, will likely be the thermal decomposition of carbon black, causing incomplete combustion heat loss, and the air is mixed with a certain amount of time and also has the explosive, operation and management should be a reliable security measures.

In order to improve and strengthen the combustion gas boiler, in order to improve gas boiler furnace volume heat load and reduce the incomplete combustion heat loss can take technical measures are the following: 1. Improve airflow conditions met:

  Improve gas boiler gas and air condition two streams of communication, which aims to increase their contact area. The larger contact area, the greater the reaction area is to strengthen the burning. The specific measures, can be divided into a number of gas and air thin stream, so the two streams have a certain speed and a crossing; lattice stream of gas (usually gas) passes through and drowned in another stream of air into, and so on.