Henan Tai Boiler Prop Up The Market, "half"

Currently, more than Taikang development scale boilers Enterprise 12, the new B-class boiler enterprise level up A 4, products from the traditional development and transformation of coal-fired boiler fuel, 23 series gas environmental protection energy-saving boilers, biomass boilers, etc. 150 kinds of standard models; domestic 28 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions nearly one thousand sales outlets; small boilers and boiler civilian provincial market share of more than 40 percent, and exported to Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Myanmar and a dozen countries and regions; employing 10,000 people, the annual production capacity of 8,000 tons of steam, annual production value of nearly 10 billion yuan. "Tai boiler" Henan market has been propped up "half."

Tai Hong boiler more than 30 years of production history. 1976 by Zhang set cookware factory in a business started production of a single stove and mezzanine steam boiler two leading products. 1996 through enterprise restructuring, derived by a large and small, 19 boiler manufacturers in Taikang industrial area, with the formation of boiler industry. After the market competition and state strict requirements, not evidence of some companies to phase out and close to 2009 "winning" 12. This 12 boilers companies registered trademarks, including Henan Yongxing Boiler Group Co., Ltd. registered "Yongxing" brand known throughout the country.