High Temperature Far Infrared Energy Saving Paint For Furnace Equipment

The research and application of the radiant coatings have been widely used in the furnace lining coating with high radiation and large car type annealing furnace rate of ZS heat radiation energy saving coating, can be useful to improve the thermal power, to save energy consumption purposes, in the petrochemical industry, the reaction furnace, the furnace and other high temperature equipment furnace. Radiant coating in ceramic occupation market will must be vigorously promote the use of.
According to the principle of thermal engineering, the product is heated and sintered in the furnace, which is mainly based on the radiation heat transfer of high vacuum annealing furnace and the heat transfer of the heat transfer and the heat transfer. Furnace lining paint coatings radiation coating can significantly improve the effect of heat resistance furnace, furnace temperature to maintain a lasting moment. Beijing Zhi Sheng Chi Thanh Weihua Chemical Co., Ltd. for the above problem, after thousands of tests and detailed furnace body transport box type annealing furnace with confirmed, Chi Sheng Weihua researchers spontaneous development of ZS 1061 resistant high-temperature far infrared radiation coating, high temperature resistant, strong radiation ratio, corrosion resistance and high wear resistance, after coating infrared radiation, improved heat exchange condition and progress in the hearth incineration temperature and uniformity, the fuel combustion more fully, reach a heating power and progress of temperature, energy conservation and protection of the furnace body wall extends furnace body lining using moment.
When the working temperature of the heating furnace at 700 DEG C, the heat transfer by radiation (90%), the use of the goods, the high temperature furnace body radiation rate by 0.35 had added to 0.88, the appearance of the furnace body absorb heat quantity add large, stone far infrared radiant coating at high temperature radiation rate was 96%, so that the temperature of heating furnace body of significant progress. Beijing Zhi Sheng Wei Hua 1061 high temperature resistant far infrared radiant coating ZS is a high temperature (temperature can reach 1700 DEG C), strong radiation rate (0.95), special function energy-saving coating corrosion resistance and high wear resistance, after coating infrared radiation, improved heat exchange, to advance in the furnace temperature field and uniformity, so that the fuel burn more fully, reaches the addition of thermal power, greatly improve refractory thermal power, reduce energy consumption, save energy and extend furnace body lining use fixed number of year. The coating is rich in the high radiation material at high temperature and radiation intensity of the far infrared wave, so that heated objects absorb wave energy level transition, absorb energy evenly heated, cut heating time, save energy.
High temperature furnace of far infrared radiation energy-saving coating is a for industrial furnace, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and new commodity, capable of directly spraying in all kinds of high temperature furnace refractory material surface or steam boiler water wall tube of appearance, form a layer of solid ceramic glazed crust, to protect furnace body, an extending campaign life, useful reflection furnace infrared thermal effect. The coating can be significant progress in the furnace heat transfer effects save fuel consumption of 5% - 35%, is very suitable for the use of high-temperature industrial furnace, the ceramic profession to reduce fuel cost saving benefit.