Influence Factors Of The Surface Of Stainless Steel

When we use stainless steel, sometimes it will be found that the surface of the light is not enough, this will not only affect the appearance of the stainless steel, the same can be hydrogen treatment furnace to its effect, so the Chinese standard parts to share the impact of the surface of stainless steel.
1, the oil content in the emulsion is too high. The cold rolling machine is composed of water, emulsifier, stainless steel, stainless steel and oil. The emulsion has both cooling and smooth effect, and the oil can be cracked into carbon at high temperature. If these carbon not removed in real time, that will be in stainless steel strip surface the backlog, the Qing machine flat form indentation. Therefore, the oil content in the emulsion is one of the factors that affect the quality of the steel plate.
2, maintenance of the inner wall of the cover of a lot of carbon black. Because the emulsion containing level is very high, the annealing furnace will occur after spheroidizing annealing furnace carbonization phenomenon. Thus, the carbon in the wall of the maintenance cover, and followed by the addition of annealing furnace. If not seasonable cleared, under certain conditions, carbon black and scattered to other steel rolls, after processing, the carbon attached to the stainless steel strip appearance.
3, HNX annealing furnace purge volume of the lack of recovery. Because HNX annealing furnace in the maintenance of gas wash only about 20-25 cubic meters (standard) /h, so, in the heating and gasification of oil pollution is often difficult to blow. In addition, because the maintenance of ordinary hydrogen content is only 6% a 3%, the overall situation is nitrogen. Because nitrogen is inert gas evaporation and gas cannot be combined, so it can only blow out, cannot avoid carbon accumulation.
4, the furnace and the convection plate is not clean. Same. Furnace with convection plate appearance also piles of carbon black, oil, dust and other, if before charging time to ten net, carbon black, oil and dust will scatter to the steel roll, affects the appearance of quality.
5, the steel roll on the emulsion is not clean. The outlet of the cold rolling mill is provided with a purge and installation, which is used to keep the remaining oil and grease on the surface of the strip.