Introduction Of Steam Boilers Operating Procedures

Steam boiler, the main contents of its operating procedures are as follows:

(1) steam boiler water level gauge, should be clean and clean, if there is leakage phenomenon, it should be repaired promptly.

(2) general water level in the boiler is equipped with alarm, so that the water level is detected.

(3) the boiler operation, the water level should be maintained properly and allow a certain degree of fluctuation range, but can not exceed this range, in order to avoid problems.

(4) The boiler pressure gauge should check once every six months to ensure their normal work and display.

(5) The pressure gauge should be washed once a month, and carried out regular inspections, if found to display inaccurate or insensitive, then should be replaced immediately.

(6) The boiler operation, its pressure should remain stable, there can be large fluctuations. Its load, but also needs a stable job.