Introduction Of Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace For Die Steel Heat Treatment Equipment

Vacuum heat treatment furnace in the unit is indispensable, as some units do not have the matching of vacuum tempering furnace, can only heat treatment furnace with ordinary furnace tempering, often appear surface quality is poor, the hardness is not uniform, tempering defects and other defects. If the temper brittleness of steel, must be fast cooling, the steel pit type tempering furnace temperature in below 700 degrees C for convection heating high pressure gas quenching furnace is the most ideal. And the furnace has been used.
Vacuum annealing furnace and its main characteristic is vacuum requirements of high (10 where it -10Pa), the lifting of the furnace should be heat treatment furnace automatic control, is the best of the microcomputer system. If there is a fast cooling device, it can improve the productivity. The process is basically the same as the non vacuum furnace:
The vacuum quenching furnace gas quenching furnace is better than the oil quenching furnace. Oil quenching workpiece surface will appear white bright layer (the organization for large amounts of residual austenite Yu), cannot use temperature is about 560 degrees C general tempering can be eliminated, need more high temperature is 700 degrees C - 800 degrees C to eliminate). Good surface quality of gas quenching, small deformation without the need of cleaning, furnace structure is relatively simple. General treatment of high alloy die steel and high speed steel die workpiece selection of high pressure gas quenching furnace or gas quenching furnace is more ideal. Such as the use of pressure for high pressure gas quenching 0.5-0.6MPa, the workpiece is 80- is 110mm can quench.