National Boiler And "three Into" Tai-made

Large boilers, small boiler, oil boiler, gas boiler ...... Recently, the reporter Taikang Road along the border 311 countries, all the way to go, way to see, variety, style, new boilers, such as shelves grapes, so you dizzying, boilers Enterprise a next one. A set of scientific research, development, manufacture, and sales of boiler industry group is gradually taking shape.

Tai Hong boiler more than 10 years of production history, "Yongxing" brand boiler selling the country. In recent years, in order to meet market demand, the county government to guide enterprises to take the boiler the road of reform and innovation, and take various measures to support the development of boiler production.

Enterprise restructuring and increase vitality. Since last year, Taikang has on Yongxing boiler plant, four boiler plants, several enterprises restructuring, making CO., LTD. At the same time increase product innovation, the "Yongxing" boiler as a brand, strong research and development of environment-friendly fuel, gas, fuel electric boiler, instead of the traditional coal-fired boilers, thereby greatly improving the market share.