Precautions For The Use Of High Temperature Electric Furnace

(1) the temperature rise of the high temperature furnace must be slowly increased with the brass annealing furnace. Note in hydrogen furnace to exceed safe temperature, to avoid burning electric wire.
(2) when using the electric stove, not vibrated, because hot wire furnace highly brittle.
(3) don't let the high temperature furnace damp, to prevent leakage.
(4) the material into the furnace, never copper annealing furnace touching thermocouple and extends into the furnace thermocouple end at high temperature is easy to be broken.
(5) the furnace should not be placed in the containing acid, alkaline chemicals or strong oxidizing agent, not in the furnace burning with explosive dangerous goods.
(6), metal and other minerals into the high temperature furnace heating must under tolerance high temperature porcelain collapse vortex or porcelain dish, or pad with refractory clay plate or asbestos board to prevent and furnace adhered together.