Quick Annealing Furnace Repair Note What

1 oven for the first time use or long time no later, to the 120 degrees Celsius for 1 hours, 300 hours after baking 2 hours, so as not to cause the furnace cracking. Try not to swing arm type temperature vacuum annealing furnace to exceed the rated temperature, so as not to damage the heating element and lining. Prohibition of direct infusion of all kinds of liquids and dissolved metals into the furnace, keeping the furnace clean.
2 if the furnace temperature is higher than 1000, the temperature of the quartz tube in the high temperature part of the tube will appear opaque phenomenon, which is called the failure (also known as the crystal) is an inherent defect of the fused silica tube, which is a normal phenomenon.
3 cold furnace, the furnace is cold, must be a lot of heat, so the low temperature section of the heating rate is not easy, the temperature rise
Temperature difference is not easy to be too large, setting up the heating rate should take full account of the characteristics of the rotary arm type well type annealing furnace and the physical and chemical properties, so as to avoid the phenomenon of spray material, pollution furnace tube.
4 regular check the temperature control system of electrical connection part of the contact is good, should pay special attention to the heating element of the connection points of whether the connection is tight.
5. The stove had been in use for a period of time, if the vacuum degree is reduced, can be respectively replaced stainless steel flange between the resistance temperature silicon rubber ring or re install the stainless steel flange or repair or replace vacuum system, to improve the degree of vacuum of the whole system.
6 furnace in the process of work, generally in the 300 degree or so if the control deviation can not be eliminated, the temperature display value and the value of the program does not match or swing too large, check parameters P, t, M5 settings are accurate.
7 this furnace is suitable for the following working conditions:
(1) the ambient temperature is between 75 and.
(2) the relative humidity of the environment is not more than 85%.
(3) there is no conductive dust around the stove, explosive gas and corrosive gas which seriously destroy the metal and insulation materials.
(4) there is no obvious inclination, vibration and turbulence.

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