Repair Mode Of Car Furnace

           First, take to repair, pay attention to a large brick furnace wall and side walls, arched door, hearth annealing furnace prices vault between each other not to bite each other crushed to death, so that local damage bell type annealing furnace without griddle overall re built, of the above several parts individual repair. If the furnace arch foot is not necessarily to support in the side wall, can be supported on both sides of the furnace steel structure of the arch beam, so that the furnace wall is not subject to the crown, the furnace wall and vault are good. But considering the thermal expansion of the arch foot beam, to leave a gap. In the same time, the arch is built from the side of the arch. The vault lock brick not cut, lock bricks should be bright annealing furnace accurately according to the distribution of the center line of the vault.
          Second, the exposure of the furnace body, temperature has a dramatic change and activities, such as a furnace door, a furnace door arch should be take the following methods: lining up against the high modulus of water glass, increased after sintering furnace door, a furnace mouth integrity and the outer leakage with high temperature adhesive refractory fiber felt (according to the binder and refractory fiber type selection of furnace atmosphere and the effects of the furnace temperature). In the stone door, the door will be flat on the ground, from both ends to the middle layer of brick masonry, the last "squeeze".
           If the furnace wall is built with two or more than two bricks, the wall is like a set of single wall. After many times of heating and cooling, different kinds of brick wall is easy to separate. In order to maintain the overall stability and the furnace wall, taken every 5 ~ 8 layers, where brick layer of the same height coincidence, interior and exterior wall pull each other solid masonry method, is refractory brick half insert another brick layer, or metal anchors fixed. Design of lining, each layer of the furnace wire lining bricks should be put in the "block" lining the wall, not killed. When a brick is broken, it can be replaced. The bottom of the furnace wire of high aluminum brick brick hearth directly put together, not suspended.
           Third, the masonry requirements of the wrong seam masonry, full of mud, horizontal vertical, masonry can not have the internal and external collusion. The brickwork must follow the alignment, saying "with the line, with short, around with to Ping", "don't walk off the top tour". Bricks in the wall must be flat, and the seam of the brick can not be thick and thin. Half a brick wall is made of smooth brick, a brick wall, a brick wall, a brick wall, and a brick wall, which is made of two bricks, and one of them is two. In the build process, should always check the brick floor level, a comprehensive inspection of the vertical and flat walls.