The Annealing And Variety Of Glass Bottles

The glass bottle in place after, the bottle conveying machine after annealing in the bottle pushing machine for delivery to the annealing kiln. Today's annealing furnace are: forced convection type, radiation ball annealing furnace manufacturers of heating, heat flow in the cycle, etc.. The control of the glass temperature, the progress of the annealing temperature, the decrease of fuel consumption, energy consumption and the shortening of the time of return are improved.
Glass bottles for the application characteristics and variety: glass bottles is food, medicine, chemical ball annealing furnace prices of industrial primary packaging containers. They have good chemical stability, is easy to seal, good air tightness lit and can observe from the outside to containing the situation; storage performance; smooth surface, which is convenient for disinfection and sterilization; exterior is beautiful, colorful decoration; there are certain mechanical strength can bear bottle pressure with the delivery of the external force in the process; raw material spread wide, low price and strengths. The flaw is that the quality is big (mass and capacity is bigger), the brittleness is big, and it is fragile. But these years selection of thin-walled lightweight and physical and chemical toughened new technology, these defects had been improved obviously, so glass bottles can listen with plastic, iron, tin for the fierce competition, the output value increased year by year.
A variety of glass bottles, from the capacity for the vial of 1ml to 10 liters of the big bottle, from round, square, shaped with a bottle handle, from the colorless and transparent amber, green, blue and black shading bottle and non transparent opaque glass bottles, the list goes on and on. On the production process, glass bottles generally molded bottles (using the model of bottles) and vials (with glass vials) two kinds big. Molded bottles are divided into jar (the bottle more than 30MM in diameter) and two kinds of bottle. The former is used to hold the powder, block and paste, which is used to hold the liquid. Press the bottle into the cork bottle mouth, a bottle, bottle, thread rolling bottle frosted bottle etc.. According to the use of the situation is divided into the use of a time that is not necessary to abandon the "one bottle" and repeated use of the "recovery bottle". According to the contained objects classification, for bottles, drink feeding bottles, oil bottles, cans bottles, acid bottles, bottles, reagent bottles, infusion bottles, cosmetics bottles and so on.