The Application Of Heat Treatment Temperature In Aluminum Wheel Industry Tracker

The development direction of the future wheel type heat treating furnace will be lightweight, high balanced vacuum heat treatment furnace and high strength and toughness. Aluminum alloy wheel is "lightweight", "high speed", "modern" products, aluminum alloy wheel is not only beautiful, but also has the characteristics of light weight, energy saving, good heat dissipation, corrosion resistance and so on. The heat treatment technology of aluminum alloy wheel in the current factory is: solid melt treatment (535 + 5), heat preservation 3-4 hours, quenching medium is water, the temperature is 60 degrees, the quenching duration is less than 15 seconds; aging treatment (140 + 5), 3-4 hours, the specific process according to size and heat treatment equipment heat treatment furnace.
The heat treatment process parameters are not correct, the mechanical properties of the castings are not qualified, over burning, deformation and cracking and so on:
1 solid melting temperature is low or holding time is not enough;
2 water quenching is not enough;
3 wheel from the furnace to the quenching of the transfer time is too long, more than 15 seconds;
4 aging temperature is too low or the time is not enough;
5. Solid solution high temperature or holding time is too long, eutectic phase with low melting point alloy grain boundary junction begins to melt, appeared in the liquid phase, in the role of surface tension, liquid phase contracted into a paste, globose or polygonal complex melt, severely burned, belt shape, ring shape complex melting material detected in all grain boundaries, even in the wheel surface nodulation. The mechanical properties of the alloy were decreased, and the mechanical properties of the alloy were decreased.
Avoid the heat treatment defect is the main way to heat treatment temperature curve timely detection by heat treatment temperature tracker. In the process of heat treatment, the deviation can be adjusted in time, so as to ensure the temperature and temperature difference of heat treatment process. Temperature tracker is an instrument for measurement of temperature distribution of various products in thermal processing. The instrument itself can work under high temperature, instruments and workpieces together into the furnace, the whole process of the product surface and the center of the actual temperature curve, oven temperature distribution is obtained, to rapid and timely solve the baking process existing problems, so as to achieve improve the aluminum wheel production capacity of enterprises, improve product quality, reduce product cost and scrap rate of strong helper.
China is a big country in the production of aluminum alloy wheels. Temperature curve control of heat treatment process is the key to guarantee the quality. In the past, the heat treatment temperature tracker process has been dependent on imports. Because the product price is very expensive, in the domestic more than 100 wheel hub manufacture enterprise in very little use. Aluminum alloy heat treatment process of the temperature control has great influence on the quality of heat treatment, the temperature profile and the furnace temperature uniformity of for heat treatment is very important. Beijing savemation Technology Co., Ltd. for aluminum alloy hub heat treatment developed SMT heat treatment temperature tracker, the first successful application in Guangdong Foshan Zhongnan aluminum. The application results show that the SMT heat treatment temperature tracker accuracy reached 545 + - 1 DEG C, superior heat insulation effect can be used in the 545 degree temperatures more than 10 hours. At present, the products have been used in Dicastal, Wangfeng, now fly and Zhongnan aluminum more than 60 aluminum wheel production enterprise; and exported to Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries.