Thermal Baths Boiler Deaerator Run When Abnormal Conditions Which Made

Improve the U-shaped overflow tube effects usually atmospheric deaerator overflow pipes are fitted with U-shaped double as a safety device. U-shaped end of the overflow tube highly as low or seal segments all filled with water, then when fluctuations in the oxygen pressure, it is possible to break the seal, causing water to run, to run steam. This will not only affect the normal operation of the deaerator and water recovery is more trouble, often result in a period of time (sometimes up to several hours) eliminates the oxygen water dissolved oxygen increases. To prevent this from happening, you can lengthen the U-shaped overflow pipes, which can maintain the original U-shaped tube effect, but also to avoid breaking the seal is often, high-pressure oxygen must be provided a flexible and reliable relief valve, safety valves and high and low water level alarm devices to ensure safe operation.