Why Should The Bell Annealing Furnace Be Annealed

The bell type annealing furnace is an indispensable part of our current industrial production. No matter the price of the annealing furnace in industrial work or in the environment of environmental protection and energy saving, there is a place for the bell type annealing furnace. It belongs to the bright annealing process. Before the return, the air from the tank can be extracted before pouring into nitrogen or inert gas, then heated by electricity, how much and how long it will burn, and then gradually cool down naturally. There is a set of annealing temperature control curve.

The bell type annealing furnace has the advantages of novel structure, bright annealing furnace, furnace temperature uniformity and high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption, fast cooling speed, low gas consumption, convenient operation, high degree of automation, the atmosphere on the proper protection of the product with, can make the surface of the processed material light, no oxidation, and effectively prevent decarburization the surface of the steel and copper surface dezincification phenomenon, it abandoned the traditional pickling process, reduce production costs, the strip, the products are widely used in ferrous and non-ferrous metal wire, bright annealing and transformer core coil, magnetic material component stress relief annealing.

So why is it going to be annealed? The organizational structure of 1 steel, cold rolled plate after cold deformation after the internal organization of metal to produce grain elongation, grain crushing and crystal defects in the presence of a large number of phenomena, resulting in metal free energy increases in an unstable state, has spontaneously restored to a more complete, self rule and by the low steady state. At room temperature, the kinetic energy of atomic diffusion, diffusion force is poor, slow speed, leading to this tendency can not be achieved, must apply the activation force, this activation force is the steel is heated to a certain temperature, the atom diffusion kinetic energy enough, eliminate the lattice distortion, the organization, performance changes. As a result, the steel after cold rolling must be annealed. 2, the purpose of annealing and the effect annealing is to heat the strip to a certain temperature and then cooling the process. The annealing of cold rolled plate is one of the most important heat treatment processes in the production of cold rolled strip.

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