Working Principle Of Hot Air Stove

The function of hot blast stove is to heat the blast to the required temperature of hot blast stove, so as to improve the efficiency and efficiency of blast furnace. It works according to the principle of "heat accumulation". In the combustor, the gas is burned, and the high temperature waste gas is passed through the lattice brick and restores it. When the checker brick is fully heated, the hot blast stove can be changed to air supply. At this time, all the valves are closed and the air supply valves are opened, and the cold air is heated and sent through the lattice bricks. When the blast furnace is equipped with 3-4 hot air furnaces / 'single furnace air supply', two or three seats are heated, one air supply is supplied, and two seats are heated when changing / 'parallel air supply'.

1, direct high purification hot blast stove

It is to use fuel to burn directly, through high purification treatment to form hot air, and direct contact with the material of hot air furnace manufacturer to heat and dry or bake. The consumption of fuel than the methods using steam or other indirect heater is reduced by about half. Therefore, the direct high purification hot air can be used completely without affecting the quality of the drying product.

Fuel can be divided into:

(1) solid fuel, such as coal and coke.

(2)  Liquid fuel, such as diesel oil and heavy oil

(3) gas fuel, such as gas, natural gas and liquid gas.

After the combustion reaction, the high temperature combustion gas of the fuel is further contacted with the outside air, and is mixed into a certain temperature to directly enter the drying room or baking room, and is contacted with the drying material, heating and evaporating moisture, so as to get the drying product. In order to make use of the combustion heat of these fuels, a set of fuel combustion devices must be added. Such as: coal burner, fuel burner, gas burner and so on.

2. Indirect hot air stove

Mainly applicable to dry material contamination is not permitted, or applied to dry heat sensitive material at low temperature. Such as: milk powder, pharmaceutical, synthetic resin, fine chemical and so on. The heating device, which is the carrier of steam, heat conduction oil and flue gas, heat the air through a variety of heat exchangers.

The most essential problem of the indirect hot air stove is the heat exchange.  The greater the heat exchange area, the higher the heat conversion rate, the better the energy saving effect of the hot blast stove, the longer the life of the furnace and the heat exchanger. On the other hand, the size of the heat exchange area can also be identified from the temperature of the flue gas. The lower the temperature of the smoke, the higher the heat transfer rate, the greater the heat exchange area.

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