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  • Well Type Tempering Furnace

    Contact NowWell Type Tempering FurnaceThe well type tempering furnace is a period operation type furnace, which is used for tempering the general metal parts in the air, as well as the quenching, annealing and aging heat treatment for the light alloy parts such as aluminum alloy die castings, piston and...Read More

  • Trolley Type tempering Furnace

    Contact NowTrolley Type tempering FurnaceTrolley Type tempering Furnace (short for electric furnace) is mainly used for heat treatment of general large and medium metal or alloy parts at rated temperature. Main technical parameters´╝Ü 1. Application: for fasteners after the electroplating of hydrogen...Read More

  • Box Type Tempering Furnace

    Contact NowBox Type Tempering FurnaceBox type tempering furnace is cycle operation type furnace. The utility model is mainly used for heat treatment processing of metal parts or alloy steel parts in air. With the control cabinet, manual or automatic control of the temperature of the furnace.Read More